Metropolia by Paul Luikart


"With the concision of Lydia Davis and the obsessions of Flannery O'Connor, Metropolia takes

readers through a demented dreamscape of post apocalyptic cities, populated by broken characters

struggling to live, love, dream, and believe. I couldn't put it down."

— Cameron Dezen Hammon, author of This is My Body.

"Luikart's skillfully rendered moments manage to be hypnotically disturbing and darkly humorous at the same time. These brief glimpses possess a meditative quality not unlike stills from a half-forgotten movie. The guy can write." 

Reid Paley

Urgent\\Where the Mind Goes\\Scattered by Ashley Somwaru

In this collection of poems by Ashley Somwaru, the reader is given a collection of songs, prayers and fragments that scatter and accumulate to the sum of identity.  The music of these poems reveals psychic wounds, but also offers a path to healing.

mother / cake by julia Johanne Tolo

Winner of the 2020 Birdhouse Chapbook Prize!

 Julia Johanne Tolo explores themes of motherhood, memory, and loss in this moving collection of poetry and lyric essay.

Personal Garbage - Kate Bryant

Winner of the 2019 Birdhouse Chapbook Prize!
Kate Bryant’s Personal Garbage is a collection of essays that explores the boundaries between what we save and what we let go of.  Her essays are personal explorations of the tangibles that unlock larger questions of love, art, and our place in this rapidly changing world.

Ideas of Order & Disorder - Alicia Ostriker

A new chapbook from Alicia Ostriker! 
Here, Ostriker disorders accepted ideas and offers a truth that is uncomfortable, challenging, and necessary in this moment.  Her words at times expose wounds and injustice, but also offer the healing power of art and love.  Her photographs open windows to the world we too often ignore.

Winner of the 2018 Birdhouse Chapbook Prize

Sylvia Beato's Allegiances is a book of beautiful energy, wide-ranging imagination and deep political commitment.  And most of all Allegiances is a book about loyalty and love.  Beato's poems ask: What is an oath? What is a promise? How do we commit to living in this broken and beautiful world? Through text and image, Beato explores memory, forgetting and the crucial and essential work that language does to save us.

— Nicole Cooley, author of Girl after Girl after Girl and Of Marriage.


Originally written and mailed as part of the annual postcards exchange with the Kundiman ( Asian American writers’ community, these poems are varied, personal, and glittering as "Opposing constellations, constellations nonetheless."  Joseph O. Legaspi offers us "Blood and sky and feet and flight and pride" and through these brief epistles our world is enlarged and enraptured.

— Peter Vanderberg, Founding Editor, Ghostbird Press.


Winner of the first annual Birdhouse Chapbook Prize

What are the rules for creating art at this cultural and historical moment? What is the relationship between art and artist now? What work can painting do in the world? These are the questions that Ethan James Kaplan’s play Imitatio brings to light. As artist Hank Spinoza tells his painting students, “. . . to limit yourself, deliberately or not, that is where true art begins.” Indeed, creating and living within limits becomes a hard-earned and difficult lesson for all of the characters here. Imitatio is at once a tour de force, a statement on the relationship between the art world, commerce and capitalism, and a deeply moving meditation on the power of love.

— Nicole Cooley, author of Resurrection, The Afflicted Girls and Breach