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Lest We All Get Clipped - Joseph Gross

Swim Poems - Steve Mentz
Borderland - Sara Rempe
Personal Garbage - Kate Bryant
Resplendent Slug - Kimiko Hahn
Forestwish - Francesca Hyatt
Metropolia - Paul Luikart
Urgent \\ Where the Mind Goes \\ Scattered - Ashley Somwaru
Ideas of Order & Disorder - Alicia Suskin Ostriker
mother / cake - Julia Johanne Tolo
Allegiances - Sylvia Beato

Meditations on the Body - Robert Farrell
Postcards - Joseph O. Legaspi
Imitatio - Ethan James Kaplan

Brief Instructions - Paul Luikart
Notes on Wolves and Ruin - Christine Hamm
ECO-LOGIC - Roger Sedarat

Acoustic Trauma - Rajiv Mohabir
For My Son, A Kind Of Prayer - Richard Jeffrey Newman

OTHERS - John Reid Currie