First edition of James Vanderberg's new comic, The Shop!  The motor shop has been in business for a long time, but everyday brings impossible tasks, bountiful feasts and the clash of titans.  

JC calls The Shop, "irreverent...a tour de farce."
Paco DePaldo says, "This book is like a frozen chicken, in time it will soften and love you back."

$10 (cheap!)

Kimiko Hahn's Resplendent Slug is a collection of poems triggered by the survival strategies of rare and luminous creatures.  Sea star, flashlight fish, Japanese firefly squid, mother, daughter, all of these beings ignite moments of vulnerability, seduction and fierce defenses.  

From bearing witness to the fragility of childhood to aching meditations on the complexities of love, Richard Newman’s poems pierce the heart with the accuracy of a master Zen archer. The tender voice of a loving father sings in the same chorus as the poet crying out for the voiceless. This collection invites both an interior journey to self-awareness and a fervent call to stand for justice.

—  Rob Okun, Editor, Voice Male Magazine

This collection is a dazzling attempt to relocate Virgil's texts to the 21st century. Sedarat's "imitations, translations, and perversions" have never been more fun, mixed with playful appropriations from Pink Floyd, Gertrude Stein, or nursery rhymes, and with the occasional political commentary about "another war another argo/[...] another troy." The reader may be disoriented at times, but certainly delighted and entertained.

—  Claudia Serea, author of Nothing Important Happened Today

Founding Editor of National Translation Month


Here is the story of three lost sailors that discover kindness is a gift that must be given before it is received.  Inspired by the classic Stone Soup, Paul Vanderberg's unique illustrations bring life to this new tale through drawings that are expressive, clear and humorous.


Acoustic Trauma is a found object. It's a work of the imagination made from shards and scraps of dialect, religious epic and history yoked together, allowing languages to sidle up side by side, allowing multiple identities to co-exist. Where there was danger of loss, Rajiv Mohabir has excavated and refashioned the fractured past into newness and wholeness, in an act deeper than translation. It is trans-creation, his poem a whole sorrow, a whole beauty, both whale song and exile's song; and it is reclamation, a process of self-discovery and rediscovery for the colonized subject fighting against the erasures of history. 

— Gaiutra Bahadur, author of Coolie Woman: The Odyssey of Indenture


Others is a book about travel through landscapes, from Route 80 twining through Pennsylvania and New Jersey to Coney Island to Chicago’s Wabash Avenue, to the N Train in Queens.  Deeply personal, yet deeply connected to the outside world, and, at its heart, elegiac, John Reid Currie’s collection spins on the axis of self and other, text and image, separation and connection.   Currie writes, “It’s all over my family; death makes the best argument.” And yet in this book life wins out:  the life of the mind, the life of the place.  These poems are about the opposite of escape—this is a collection about holding, embracing, and transforming. 

                  —  Nicole Cooley, Author of Resurrection, The Afflicted Girls, and Breach


Weather-Eye is a collaboration of work by Brooklyn artist James Vanderberg and Long Island poet Peter Vanderberg.  James's semi-abstract drawings and paintings allude to bay reeds, oyster shells and refracted summer sun through water.  His series of knot drawings explore the context of a line both physical and drawn.  Peter’s poems engage the same physical environment while also giving voice to the metaphysical currents at play there.  Many of the works by the brothers were mutually inspired.  Poems give voice to paintings; paintings illuminate poems and a multi-dimensional portrait of the Great South Bay is offered.